Summit Day Planner

Plan your day with ease. Organize it all in one app.

Stay organized with all your tasks, calendar events & notes.
Plan, prioritize, and achieve your goals.

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The Ultimate Planner

Everything you do: All your tasks, events, reminders & projects, organized in one place!

Calendars in Sync

Sync all of your calendars and create repeating tasks, all in one powerful planner.

To-Do Lists: Check!

Get the satisfying feeling of checking things off your list, even for calendar events.

Prioritize & Plan

Tap to cycle through priorities. See the week at a glance, or tap to see the whole month.

Fast & Flexible

No more tapping five times just to change one thing. Adding and editing couldn't be easier...

Simply Powerful

Create tasks & events with zero clutter. All the power user features when you need them.

Swipe to Schedule

Need to reschedule? No problem. Just swipe left and change the date right there.

Focus to Achieve

Tap any action to focus on it. Add checklists, notes, labels, people, files, etc.

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Notes & Journal

Manage your projects and all your notes in one place so everything is easy to find.

Actionable Notes

The Notes feature is flexible and can even include checklists for action items.


You can also write separate notes, and even include files, so it's all at your fingertips.


Working with someone else? Collaboration is coming soon!

What Sets Summit Apart

It's not just another to-do list app! Here are some things that make Summit worth trying out:

Easy Setup

No signup! Automatically pull in all of your calendars from iCloud, Google, Outlook, etc.

Complete Events

Feel the same sense of progress as completing a task, even for your calendar events.

Easy Sync

Plan from anywhere with your iCloud account on iPhone and iPad. Apple Watch and Mac coming soon!


Simple, Yet Flexible

It's easy to use, totally customizable (themes & settings) and works with any productivity system.

Planning Made Easy

Swipe down to see a calendar with a line below each date that shows how busy you are that day.

Everything You Need

Summit is designed to minimize effort and maximize effectiveness at every step in the process.